i Help--Helping Yourself Through Grief-

Be aware of taking on new responsibilities right away
Keep decision making to a minimum, in whatever way possible
Ask for help when needed, and accept help when offered!
Find at least one person, hopefully more, who are willing to lend an ear to you, as you talk it through

You need support and comforting-its okay to acknowledge that!
Seek out support, and if those around you are unable/unwilling to offer it, find a group!
If you would like company, ask a friend or relative to dinner
Be patient with yourself (that’s tough, we know!) Healing takes TIME!

Be proactive with your grief!
Grief cannot be outrun-lean into it, embrace it, process it, let go...
Letting go of grief DOES NOT mean letting go of your loved one!
Feelings of sadness and/or depression are normal.  This is an emotional time-

Holidays approaching? Milestones? Anticipate these times and plan ahead-it helps!
When a milestone is approaching, here’s how useless it is to tell yourself you’re just not going to think of your loved one-I tell you NOT to think of elephants, at any cost!  So, what are you going to spend alot of time thinking about?  Exactly! Elephants! So it is with grief.  Plan a moment to remember your loved one on whatever special day it maybe-it will make it easier to go on with your day....
Do your best to be on a routine: adequate rest, exercising, avoiding caffeine-it all helps

Last but not least-call an angel sister-that’s why we’re here!
(contact Alison a@ alison.miller@tapestriesofhope.org for numbers)