Kathleen, Mom of Christina Z.
Nancy, Mom of Jesse B/
Harriet, Mom of Lisa C.
Vita, Mom of Brenda P.
Jackie, Mom of Myka W.
Vera, Mom of Karen K.
Jean, Mom of Linda K.
Elaine, Mom of Alisa M. and Lisa W.
June, Mom of Jan P.
Carol, Mom of Michelle C.
Agnes, Mom of Carmela G.
Sau, Mom of Kathleen J.
Carol, Mom of Carol D.
Josephine, Mom of Cathy H.
Karen, Mom of Dori C.
Dawn, Mom of Lisa S.
Dolores, Mom of Linda L.
Rose, Mom of Marie R.
Gerri, Mom of Andie F.
Oridia, Mom of Dalia S.
Merilyn, Mom of Kim D.
Tahira, Mom of Yasmin S.
Adeline, Mom of Rosemary W.
Lucia, Mom of Carmela A.
Vera, Mom of Diana B.
Gladys, Mom of Rosalie F. and Virginia T.
Doris, Mom of Alicia H.
Mary Joan, Mom of Lainey M.
Sophie, Mom of Cathy P.
Martha, Mom of Bobbie S.
Barbara, Mom of Ellyne D.
Joan, Mom of Gina
Angela, Mom of Karen K. and Debbie A.
Elsie, Mom of Pam S-B.
Gussie Nieswender, Mom of Sandie, Grandmom of Stacey V H.
Grace, Mom of Suzanne W.
Ruth, Mom of Diane W.
Frances, Mom of Michele Y.
Barbara, Mom of Debbie V.  and Denise D.
Josephine, Mom of Deborah V.
Betty, Mom of Jeanne W.
Patricia, Mom of Linda S.
Ita, Mom of Ivette F.
Vera, Mom of Fran B. and Anna B-R.
Ann, Mom of Marilyn F.
Marie, Mom of Elizabeth P.
Molly, Mom of Susan R.
Rose, Mom of Cheryl R.
Margaret, Mom of Collette, Monica, Beth and Cecilia
Betty, Mom of Sue St. J.
Georgia, Mom of Diana K, Savanna A, and Cindy
Marilyn, Mom of Lynn Marie F.
Lillie, Mom of Mary and Marion
Carolyn, Mom of Cheryl F.
Jean, Mom of Jessica M.
Fanny, Mom of Alexa K.
Dee, Mom of Michelle L.
Connie, Mom of Diane B. and Donna
Margaretta, Mom of Ann H.
Rose Marie, Mom of Roz B.
Justine, Mom of Larissa H.
Denise, Mom of Christine
Clara, Mom of Ann L. and Veronica S.
Ronnie, mom of Donna L.
Rose, mom of Karen S.
Connie, mom of Debra B.
Julia, mom of Sharon D.
Ava, mom of Tara M.
Marion, mom of Judy E.
Sheryl, mom of Sarah B-D.
Charlene, mom of Danielle T.
Marie, mom of Carol C.
Kay Marie, mom of Karen S-P.
Franny, mom of Annie M.
Laurie, mom of Jamie and Rorie H.
Virginia, mom of Jennifer S-C. and Marie M.
Philly, mom of Darlene S.
Ruth, mom of Deb G.
Helen, mom of Barbara and Jane K.
Wanda, mom of Michelle M.
Jean, mom of Laura H
Emily, mom of Cindy Y S.
Rainey, mom of Annie L
Jackie, mom of Bev R.
Kathleen, mom of Colleen B.
Elizabeth, mom of Beth G.
Florence, mom of Jackie J.
"Big Ro" mom of Christina M-P.
Betty Catharine,mom of Alison M.
Sylvia, mom of Theresa S.
Linda, mom of Kristen S M.
Marilyn, mom of Joanna G.
Nancy, mom of Janice E.
June, mom of Debbie B.
Ungie, mom of Marsi M.
Vera, mom of Renee B.
Adrienne, mom of Denise B.
Katherine, mom of Carol S.
Carolyn, mom of Kathy F.
Lorraine, mom of Deni R. and Debbie A.
Denise, mom of Nicole A Y.
Marilyn, mom of Susan R.
Diane, mom of Rachel M.
Velma, mom of Kaye D.
Jerri, mom of Natalie A.
Ellen, mom of Sandy R.
Toni, mom of Bev G.
Dianna, mom of Angel R.
Joan, mom of Sally C.
Evelyn, mom of Kathy T.
Gail, mom of Cristy G. and Jeanne C.
Katherine, mom of Kathy O'N.
Barbara, mom of Jody F.
Eileen, mom of Christine R.
Sandy, mom of Raquel F.
Elizabeth, mom of Barbara B.
Sandy, mom of Cyndi M.
Eleanor, mom of Angela G and Audry S.
Dolores, mom of Dina T.
Wanda, mom of Elizabeth Y.
Angie, MIL of Teresa D.
Mary, mom of Jenine O'S.
Marie, mom of Arlene D.
Gladys, mom of Mary T.
Marilyn, mom of Anne P.
Jeannie, mom of Trish S.
Ella, mom of Patty C.
Peggy, mom of Mary Anne D.
Dee, mom of Michelle A.
Gussie, mom of Sandie, grandmom of Stacey V.H.
Margaret, mom of Beth R., Colette M. and Monica R.
Frances, mom of Joyce M.
Rena, mom of Kathy B and Chris R.
Mary, mom of Desiree A.
Bettie Rae, mom of Christina L.

Betty, mom of Bunny P., Maria H., and Donna B.
Vera, mom of Renee R.
Ellen, mom of Velma D
Frances, mom of Patty G., grandmom of Jenn S.
Edna, mom of Michelle K.
Lynette, mom of Alise C.
Edith, mom of Bonnie G.
Frances, mom of Stephanie R.
Mary and Antoinette, mom and grandmom of Roseann A.
Gladys, mom of Lynne M.
Audrey, mom of Claire F.
Lois, mom of Leila M.
Anna, mom of Susan V.
Grace, mom of Pat, Josetta and Cynthia W.
Elizabeth, mom of Arlene O.
Jozefa, mom of Barbara W.
Frances, mom of Natalie B.
Margaret Mary, mom of Melanie B.
Joan, mom of Carol O N.
Helen, mom of Joanne S.
Gerri, mom of Deanra H. and Sherry T.
Liz, mom of Leslie R.
Evelyn, mom of Carol F.
Betty, mom of Kelly McQuirk
Gloria, mom of Michelle Whalen
Anne, mom of Judith Parducci
Barbara, mom of Amy Zorn
Josefina, mom of Cristina Foulkes
Shirley, mom of Elaine Heath
Jean, mom of Laurie Summers
Carole, mom of Susan Spitz
Estelle, mom of Debbie Khan
Ann Marie, mom of Amy T.
Judi, mom of Krista N.
Pat, mom of Cindy C.