"Reflections of Our Moms
Bereavement support group.  These support groups are offered throughout the year in Camden and Burlington Counties.  Call Alisa @ 267-358-5646 for info and registration.

Continuing Bonds:  Each month, one of our group alumnae opens her home to the daughters from various groups.  The hostess of the month chooses the topic of the meeting. (It can be a serious topic, or purely social)  This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with daughters from other groups in a relaxed setting. Generally, we get an attendance between 10-25 women.  Guests bring a light snack

Website: www.tapestriesofhope.org  
Sign the guest book on the homepage, join our forum and start a topic, browse through the moms' pictures, see pictures of TOH events over the years, check the calendar for meeting dates, mom's anniversaries, and everything else!  There is no fee for any of it, you just need to sign in on either the guest book or forum page.

Tapestries of Hope face book page.  Joining face book is free, and we have our own page, listed under "Tapestries of Hope".  Its one more way to stay in touch with one another, and further build your community of women who have gone through a similar loss. Believe me, it helps.!

"Our Moms, Our Memories" pre-Mother's Day Gathering
This is our yearly event, not to be missed!  We offer this very special program as a way of remembering and honoring our moms in the company of other daughters who have gone through this loss.  It is always the weekend prior TO Mother's day.  A full program is planned, luncheon, a speaker (usually one of our daughters who has come through her grief, to the other side), a basket auction, beautiful slideshow of the moms we love, and a real chance to connect with daughters, both from the groups and the community. There is no charge for this event, but you MUST RSVP-267-358-5646.

Tapestries of Hope has a two-part mission.  The first part is our support groups.  But we all know that grief can last beyond the 8 or 10 week group, and that is why we also offer continuing support through our monthly meetings, social events, update emails,our Grief Posse (consisting of phone calls) and our yearly pre-Mother’s day gathering, called “Our Moms, Our Memories”.  All of these activities can make a difference to you as you learn to smile again, and build your life again, after going through this particular loss.  There are always at least a few of the staff at the monthly meetings, so you will have an opportunity to meet all of us at some point.  Making, and keeping, the connections between all of us, as daughters, is what sets our groups apart from others.  We charge no fees for our groups: we ask only that you let another daughter know that she is not alone by telling her about us.  Word of mouth has always been our strongest marketing tool!